Friday, July 19, 2013

Dad Moving On

So, as mentioned below, the Seth M. show-block is changing. And American Cad moving from broadcast to cable.

American Dad! will be switching networks, moving from Fox to TBS for Season 11 in late 2014.

The Seth MacFarlane animated comedy will be on Fox's schedule this fall for its 10th season, before making the jump.

The cable network has ordered 15 Season-11 episodes, which will run as encores on sister network Adult Swim after the initial TBS broadcast. Both TBS and Adult Swim broadcast American Dad! reruns. ...

As time goes on, the difference between broadcast and cable has continued to shrink. "Broadcast" networks are just one more outlet in various cable networks, embedded next to cnbc or bloomberg or Cartoon Network. The days of "Bonanza" or "ILove Lucy," when television shows pulled in forty or fifty million viewers on a given night, are as dead and gone as the Eisenhower Administration. Now, if advertisers get five more of six million sets of eyeballs in their key demographic (18-34), they're ecstatic.

But of course they're kidding themselves, since most tv watchers are speed DVRing through the commercials anyway. But hey.

If advertisers are happy kidding themselves, the viewing audience is happy to help them kid. Advertising money has to go somewhere for Cripes sake, and phantom viewers are better than better than no viewers at all. What the hell are the alternatives?

My bet is that Seth's shows will continue to pull in audiences no matter what platform they're being shown on.

H.t. Roberto Severino


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