Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oncoming Weakness?

Now with box office Add On.

The Times projects.

Shares of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. fell Wednesday after box office forecasters said its animated film "Turbo" could disappoint at the box office.

"Turbo," which features the voice of Ryan Reynolds as a garden snail with dreams of winning the Indy 500, is expected to take in about $35 million over five days in its first weekend, according to early industry projections. The film, which cost $135 million, opens Wednesday. ...

The previous two animated entries (Despicable Me 2, Monsters University) have done gangbusters at the domestic box office, and The Croods, DWA's previous release, also did well.

How a snail fares is today's question. Turbo has gotten positive reviews, but the box office is what counts. By Sunday (or earlier) we should know how the snail's race comes out. (I'm hoping for a win, for obvious reasons.)

Add On: Turbo has an okay Wednesday:

According to matinee returns, Turbo should gross in the $6 million range for the day, likely enough to top the Wednesday box office chart and edge out Despicable Me 2, Universal's megahit.

Turbo is eyeing a five-day debut in the $35 million range, a solid but unspectacular start. Box office observers believe the 3D toon could suffer from animation fatigue, considering it opens only two weeks after Despicable 2 and four weeks after Disney and Pixar's Monsters University. ...


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