Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest Shots

So it was bound to happen, just like when John Wayne visited the Ricardos.

The Griffins and the Simpsons will finally meet face to face in fall 2014, in a special crossover episode of the two Fox "Animation Domination" cartoons. While Homer, Marge and the gang will have homefield advantage, the crossover will occur on an episode of Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy."

“Fox hasn’t spent this much money since they took Simon Cowell tight t-shirt shopping,” said "Family Guy" patriarch Peter Griffin in a statement from Fox. ...

And I'm assuming that this gets done at Fox Animation and not Film Roman (since it's a Seth M. show.) Guess it's good the episode isn't being done at Fox's ADHD non-union shop on Sunset.


Unknown said...

Lots of weird stuff going on at FOX lately. American Dad! has been sold to TBS and the 10th season of that show will be the final one of the show's FOX run. Something tells me that Animation Domination is slowly coming unglued. Only a matter of time until something happens to shows like Bob's Burgers.

By late 2014, the 15 episodes of the 11th season will air on TBS rather than FOX and Steve Callaghan will have taken over showrunner duties from Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman. Maybe this whole Family Guy Simpsons movie is part of the reason that this is happening.

I already emailed Jerry Beck with the link, but here it is for future reference.

I was really hoping for a Futurama Simpsons crossover film or episode instead. Oh well. I think Seth MacFarlane is supposed to do a voice in one of the upcoming Futurama episodes BTW and already sang the theme song for "Into the Wild Green Yonder."

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