Sunday, March 03, 2013

Cheese, Tomatoes, and All the Fixings

R & H might be close to making significant changes, but employees still need to be fed.

The Animation Guild, Local 839 of IATSE—coordinating with digital artist Dave Rand, who was instrumental in assembling the visual effects demonstration held on Oscar Sunday—provided 64 pizzas for lunch Saturday at VFX house Rhythm & Hues.

R&H is the company behind the majority of the Oscar-winning VFX in Life of Pi, which filed for bankruptcy protection on Feb. 13.

A note with the pizza read: "Heard you were hungry," and was signed, the Animation Guild....

Always happy to help out.


Warner Bros. is weighing whether or not to pull two projects from bankrupt visual-effects company Rhythm & Hues Studios. ... The studio declined to offer a statement.

A couple of weeks ago, Warenr Bros. was definitely, for sure going to yank its projects. So that it might now be on the fence about moving on is (maybe) progress.

We'll see.


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