Thursday, March 21, 2013

Priced to Buy

In visual effects land, it's not just liquidations.

Prime Focus World said Wednesday that Hong Kong-based private equity firm AID Partners Capital Limited has made a $10 million equity investment in the visual-effects company.

Prime Focus, a subsidiary of Indian media and entertainment industry services company Prime Focus Limited, said that with the investment, the company is now valued at $250 million.

In return, AID will receive a minority stake in Prime Focus World.

The money will be used to help grow Prime Focus' business in China and other emerging markets, possibly through an acquisition. ...

Seems to me that smart-money investorys are picking up some nicely-priced properties while the fire sales are on.

Be fun to know what kind of "minority take" their $10 million buys them. My guess would it's relatively substantial.


AgNO3 said...

Well its seems that if you put in $10 million and the company is now worth $250 Million that it gets you just under 5% which is usually considered a lot of of a percent for a single stock holder.

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