Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sophia the Second

Season, that is.

If America's two-to-five-year-olds were reading this, they would surely be rejoicing: Disney Junior has given a second season to its hit animated "Sofia the First."

This show has been kicking butt since the premiered of the pilot. I found out a while ago that more episodes had been ordered; at the time, mum was the word. ...

CG animation has made steady inroads on the small screen. Computer Images aren't the game changers on broadcast and cable that they've been on theater screens, but there seems to be more of them all the time. (Hand-drawn animation on the t.v. still holds its own.)

But Disney can, apparently, open its own mint with the Sofia franchise. The show's long-form premiere broke records, the series is galloping along, and now this:

... The TV movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess is set to be released Tuesday on DVD by Walt Disney Studios, while an exclusive Sofia the First product line is in Disney Stores and a full line including apparel and toys will launch at major retailers nationwide in the summer. ...

Walking through the Sofia unit a couple of days ago, the crew was happy that a large number of new episodes had been ordered, since it means they've got longer-term jobs. (When other animation studios are going through rough patches, it's nice to reside on an island of stability.)


sotiris2006 said...

Does Disney Television Animation produce the animation for their own shows or do they subcontract it?

Do you know where Sofia the First is animated?

Steve Hulett said...

Done overseas by sub-contractors. Pre and post production here in Burbank.

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