Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sony Changes

As a digital trade paper tells us:

Sony Pictures Digital Productions is bringing the studio’s sound department and Colorworks postproduction facility under its umbrella.

SPDP -- which also encompasses Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks -- now will include visual effects and computer animation, sound mixing and editorial and digital mastering, color grading, and film restoration.

Of course, computer animation IS a visual effect, but we'll let that go.

Sony Imageworks might have come under a union contract if the International had played its cards better those many years ago. Sony Pictures Animation (a new entity at the time) voted to "go union," while Imageworks did the reverse. A vigorous internal campaign argued that all the goodies -- profit sharing, 401(k) with a large match, and extensive medical benefits would go away if staff voted for the International's contract.

Most employees voted against the deal, but the minority that voted in favor must have persuaded the God of Fate to take stern action ... because a couple years later, many of Sony Pictures Imageworks' generous bennies went away, even as many SPI employees lost their jobs.


Anonymous said...


Do you know if any of these divisions that are moving in under the umbrella operate under a union contract?

"sound mixing and editorial and digital mastering, color grading, and film restoration."

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