Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Alan Zaslove Interview -- Part I

TAG Interview with Alan Zaslove

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Alan Zaslove had one of the longer, more succesful careers in American animation.

Starting, in 1943, as an office boy (and then in-betweener) for Leon Schlesinger's studio (known, of course, as "Termite Terrace"), Alan wrapped up his career in the 21st century at the Universal Cartoon Studio high in the superstructure of the Black Tower. ...

Early on, Mr. Zaslove took a bit of time off for military service (who didn't in the 1940s?) but afterwards found long-term employment with the United Producers of America (aka UPA), where he animated a long string of classic shorts (Gerald McBoing Boing, Mr. Magoo) and then directed sequences of the Magoo feature 1001 Arabian Nights.

Alan talks about all the above and more in Part I of the newest TAG interview.


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