Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Going to India? (Part XI)

Deadline says:

Random Cow Pictures‘ Matt Flynn will direct It’s A Dog’s World, an animated pic centered on autistic 8-year-old Willie Welby, who travels to a parallel universe where all the dogs talk ...

You can never go wrong with talking dogs. However ...

... The production will take place fully at Reliance MediaWorks‘ studios in Mumbai and Chennai, India, with preproduction set to begin this month. ...

According to People* Who Claim to Know, this whole-enchilada-cooked-in-Mumbia thing might present problems because:

Reliance can't even finish simple work outsourced to them! They have no ability to do this. What the f*ck are they smoking!?

Perhaps they're inhaling deep, rich, laughing tobacco. Or maybe something stronger.

As we've previously noted, it's well and good to create inexpensive animated features. But it's even better to create animated features that audiences will actually watch, and the features from the sub-continent have not yet cleared that bar.

* Here defined as individuals inside Hollywood effects studios with knowledge of Reliance's sub-contract work.


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