Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Foreign Ticket Accumulation

Regarding foreign box office, Bruce baby hangs onto the top spot (barely), while live-action fairy tales of various vintages performed well.

A Good Day To Die Hard narrowly captured the No. 1 box office spot in its fourth weekend on the foreign theatrical circuit and crossed the $150-million total overseas mark ($162.3 million). ... Playing at 1,824 locations, Jack the Giant Slayer rolled up a total of $13.7 million -- more than a $7,500 per-screen average. ...

Hansel and Gretel: Bounty Hunters grossed $15.2 million on the weekend overall at more than 3,500 locations in 54 territories and lifting its total overseas take to $127.2 million. ... The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey registered a gangbusters $37.3 million in China in 10 days, propelling the Peter Jackson fantasy epic -- which opened offshore in December -- to a $700-million foreign gross total. ...

In the meantime, animated features hold up their end of the piano.

Wreck-It Ralph came up with $4 million in 68 territories, raising Ralph’s foreign gross total to $247.9 accumulated over 18 rounds. Worldwide take is $435.2 million. ... Paramount’s Tad-The Lost Explorer, $15 million in Latin American markets; Universal’s Ted, $324.5 million ...

And Rise of the Guardians, now at the end of its foreign slog, collected $200,300,000 overseas.


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