Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Mick

This has been percolating at Disney Television Animation for a long while. I was sworn to secrecy about it (aren't I always?) But clearly, the invisiblity cloak has now come off.

Disney Channel is launching a new short-form series of 2D comedy cartoons featuring its iconic Mickey Mouse character, the network announced in advance of its upfront presentation on Tuesday.

The series of 19 cartoon shorts will premiere on Friday, June 28 on Disney Channel, Disney.com and the WATCH Disney Channel app. ...

Here's one of the new offerings. Diz Co. is clearly interested in doing new things with its corporate symbol.


sotiris2006 said...

They look nice. I really like the stylized, retro designs.

Are these the hand-drawn shorts you were talking about or does WDAS also have hand-drawn shorts in the works?

Steve Hulett said...

These shorts are produced by Diz TVA.

Walt Disney Animation Studio (feature animation) is creating different shorts.

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