Monday, March 25, 2013

Pixar Sequels

Toy Story has spawned two sequels. And shorts. And attractions at Disneland. Also lots and lots of toys. But it has a close rival.

... While we have yet to hear any rumblings of a Cars 3, Disney does continue to make short films in the franchise and three new Tales From Radiator Springs have just been released. ...

In point of fact, Mr. Lasseter and Disney have a first-cousin of Cars ...

... and of course it's this:

Many people blather on about the Toy Story franchise, the Shrek franchise, and the Ice Age franchise.

But the taco stand to rival them all is the Cars money machine. There are movies, and shorts, and toys. So now Disney has launched a new line of talking transportation units to bedazzle the millions of seven-year-olds out there, the better to dip a rodenty hand into parental wallets and extract folding green in the service of admission tickets, hard metal toys, and video games.

Genius. Solid genius.


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