Friday, March 01, 2013

Cost Saving

So what did they expect?

Movie visual effects (VFX) artists working in B.C. say post-production companies are taking advantage of the province's tax credits, then subcontracting out work to China and India.

Visual effects companies ... receive tax credits currently set at 33 per cent of labour costs in B.C.

But under pressure to keep costs down, many VFX companies are underbidding for work, undercutting each other and outsourcing projects to countries with cheaper labour.

What's amazing here is that parts of the media still pretend surprise that film producers are searching for the best deals they can lay their hands on for their visual effects, wherever those deals are.

This is the way it's been for two decades. And these people are only now waking up to the ongoing reality? If our fine entertainment conglomerates could get the Gibraltar apes to work on their movies, and get Britain to give a nice tax rebate, that's what everybody would be doing.

It's really simple, friends and neighbors. Our shining beacons of free enterprise are beyond happy to have somebody else pay for their movies, then pocket 100% of the profits.

Good old laissez faire capitalism.


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