Monday, March 11, 2013

The Rebellion Strikes Time-Warner

As BC tells us:

An official announcement on the Star Wars website has promised “a new direction for Lucasfilm animation.” [Also, too:]

"We are exploring a whole new Star Wars series set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming."

Obviously driven by the recent Lucasfilm-Disney deal, this “new direction” seems mainly designed to a sever ties with Cartoon Network. As a result, the fifth series of Clone Wars is to be the last… at least on TV.

Well ... yeah.

Disney isn't in the business of enriching Time-Warner. Not if Diz Co. can help it.

Further, I don't believe Disney will be in the business of having a third theatrical animation division on its roster. I would be willing to wager that the Chapman-directed, animated feature that Lucasfilm is developing will be its first ... and last.


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