Friday, March 29, 2013

Second Weekend Hold

The Nikkster has good news for DreamWorkers.

... Family toon The Croods held strong for #2 its second weekend – down only -31%. “A phenomenal hold,” a Fox exec gushed to me. Pic looks like $11.5M today for a $30M weekend which will help its multiple.

If its multiple ends up being 4.5 at the end of its run, we're looking at a $180 million domestic gross. Then everyone can clench up worrying about how the snail movie (Turbo) will perform this summer.

My concern is, will America be ready for a snail movie? Especially so soon after a garden slug movie (Blue Sky's Epic)?

I mean, audiences eventually got tired of penguins. How long will it take for them to become weary of snails and slugs?


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