Monday, March 11, 2013

The Continuing Gold Rush

It apparently hasn't escaped the smart money's notice that CG animated features are more profitable than any other kind of theatrical long-form entertainment. Therefore:

COLOGNE, Germany - Cinematography technology group Arri, maker of Arriflex cameras, has formed a production and sales alliance with Munich-based animation group Trixter that will see the two companies co-produce and sell animated features for the international market.y the

The first production under the new alliance will be Ploe - You'll Never Fly Alone, a family-friendly feature about a young golden plover. ...

Everybody's chasing the big brass ring. And why not? If American animation studios can open their own mint, if Spanish and French animation studios can hit pay dirt, then German studios can do it as well.


The price of software and hardware is coming down, and artists' talent pools expanding. So there's ample opportunities to create animated features at various price points: $10 million; $40 million; $80 million and up. (Find a budget that suits you!)

And certainly the rewards are there:

... 3D turtle toon “Sammy’s Adventures 2” had made $42.1 million worldwide, while Scandi sequel “Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble” (screening at Cartoon Movie) earned $19.3 million. Also in Lyon, “Tad, the Lost Explorer” has made $24.6 million in native Spain, topping $40 million worldwide. ...

The number of animated features are going to continue increasing across the globe. Robust box office will see to that. Even DWA's failure Rise of the Guardians grossed $302 million. Now, if the movie had only cost $90 million, it would be safely in the black.


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