Sunday, August 17, 2014

International Box Office

With an overview of how the animation is doing.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (Global Totals)

Galaxy Guardians -- $33,100,000 -- ($418,681,000)

Teenage Mutant Turtles -- $25,600,000 -- ($185,142,236)

Training Dragon 2 -- $37,700,000 -- ($537,217,593)

Dawn of Apes -- $16,500,000 -- ($538,812,360)

Transformers Extinct -- $8,400,000 -- ($1,054,436,930)

So it appears that DreamWorks Animation's theatrical "failure" continues to do well:

... “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ soared to the top of the foreign box office charts this weekend, picking up $37.7 million from 28 markets.

The DreamWorks Animation sequel was powered by a strong debut in China, where the picture picked up $25.9 million. Though “Dragon 2’s” $171 million domestic gross was lower than expected and lagged behind its predecessor, it’s been a monster overseas. Its global gross now stands at $537.2 million, easily topping the $494.8 million made by the first film in the series. ...

Doesn't quite jibe with the recent financial and trade press's storyline, but what can you do?


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