Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Even as shooting on Episode VII continues, there is this.

... Rebels was the only shard of the Star Wars franchise at Comic-Con this year, and in terms of its timeline in the franchise, its frosh characters won’t be crossing over to the Episode VII feature film. The cartoon series, which includes Star Wars: The Clone Wars executive producer Dave Filoni and X-Men: Days Of Future Past scribe and producer Simon Kinberg behind the scenes, is set five years prior to the original 1977 Star Wars. ...

The Diz Co. does not miss a trick. Don't know what they're going for here beyond building the franchise. Sort of interesting look. Sort of cheesy animation that bellows "television!" at you.


Unknown said...

That kid is just one jump ahead of the (Imperial) lawmen. Let the Lucas-Disney synergy begin (continue?).

--Craig Svonkin

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