Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Genie

A nice L.A. Times article, except ...

In 1991, directors John Clements and Ron Musker gave Disney animator Eric Goldberg an unusual assignment: listen to Robin Williams' stand-up albums and draw the comic, as a genie. ...

Goldberg animated a routine in which Williams riffed that, tonight he'd like to talk about schizophrenia. In another voice, Williams snapped that, no he would not. Goldberg drew the genie -- a big blue strongman with a tiny topknot and Williams' face -- growing a second head so he could argue with himself.

"John Clements" has a nice ring to it. Maybe Ron and John can switch first names for the second half of their careers. The L.A. Times thinks that would work.

Add On: Mr. Williams also completed one final animated project:

... "Absolutely Anything," an animated comedy directed by Monty Python veteran Terry Jones, was the last movie he shot. The film centers on a teacher who is unwittingly granted special powers by aliens. Williams stars as Dennis, the teacher's dog and sidekick — in a part that can't help but evoke thoughts of Williams' landmark Genie from the 1992 smash "Aladdin." The movie does not yet have U.S. distribution. ...


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