Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Rally

This occupied most of the day.

... The below-the-line community joined with Ron Perlman, Carl Weathers and Daniel Stern in Sacramento at the state capitol Wednesday in support of a sweetened incentive program for movies and TV shot in California. ...

The legislation [AB 1839] is heading to the Senate floor after clearing the Appropriations Committee last week. The bill will quadruple the size of the tax credit program, to $400 million per year from the current $100 million annual allocation. ...

The bill has to be voted on by the Senate no later than a week from Friday. Then the Assembly concurs with any tweaks from the Senate, and the bill rolls on to Governor Brown, who either signs the legislation or doesn't.

There are some folks in high positions urging the governor to sign it.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) and 34 other members of California’s congressional delegation are urging Gov. Jerry Brown to sign legislation that would expand the state’s film and TV incentive program to $400 million in tax credits per year.

The lawmakers who signed the letter to Brown include 34 Democrats and one Republican, Rep. Paul Cook (R-Calif.), whose district covers the desert regions in the eastern part of the state. ...

For those not up to full speed on this, the legislation quadruples California's current $100 million tax incentive program for feature films and hour-long television dramas, and includes rebates for visual effects.


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