Wednesday, August 06, 2014

TAG 401(k) Plan Conversion

Time for a brief narrow-cast.

The Animation Guild's 401(k) Plan has now transferred from Mass Mutual (an insurance company) to The Vanguard Group (a mutual fund family). ...

As of this morning, individual participants could view their accounts on-line at You have to have a log-in password, or already be a Vanguard customer, in which case you can view your 401(k) account with your older retail accounts.

We're informed that most participants elected to have Vanguard map their Mass Mutual holdings to an age-appropriate Target Retirement funds, and frankly, for most people this is far and away the best move for their money. (It's the retirement investors who try to get tricky -- we're looking at YOU, Hulett! -- that end up blowing it.)

The Plan should be fully operational at Vanguard within the next week.


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