Monday, August 25, 2014


The financial press's old meme has now changed.

... •After several flops at the box office, the company is doing well with 'How to Train Your Dragon 2'. ...

Say what? Whatever happened to "Ooh, the picture didn't open too good", and then DWA stock went down. ...

Me, I always thought that the HTTYD2 would take in something around $200 million domestically (is $172.2 million close enough to count?) and a whole lot more overseas.

And what do you know? The movie is closing in on $600 million, so I guess it's not a flop and disappointment after all


Unknown said...

A DreamWorks Sequel preforming well internationally is really nothing new. Though Dragon 2 is not as big as the company's 3 other franchise squeals: Shrek 2/Madagascar 2 & Kung-Fu Panda 2. It's their "Original Features" that are losing them $$. They've lost over $150 million via write downs on "Guardians/Turbo & Sherman". Why do you think "Home" was removed from it's Thanksgiving release for another sequel/spin-off Penguins of Madagascar? Now if "Home & B.O.O." make $500 million+ next spring & summer, then DreamWorks Animation will officially be back. But if those films need write offs like the others, then the problem is still present.

Unknown said...

"Now if "Home & B.O.O." make $500 million+ next spring & summer..."

That's a mighty big if.

"But if those films need write offs like the others, then the problem is still present."

That's a nice way to put it.

Steve Hulett said...

DWA is striving to diversify, to be the junior-grade Disney. Not a bad plan. We'll see if they can pull it off.

Of course, to be a budding House of Mouse, you need to diversify into live-action, but DreamWorks-that-is-housed-at-Disney does that now, yes?

I scratch my head about why DWA doesn't get into hybrid movies. Certainly Illumination Entertainment, Sony and Warner Bros. have done it.

Unknown said...

At $600 mill. it's about to break even....big budget hollywood films usually require 3x return to do so. Not a lot left over for profit, although it's a far superior film to the first one.

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