Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Yellow Family's Deluge of Green

From this date:

Starting Thursday, Aug. 21, you can watch every episode of The Simpsons in back-to-back order on the FXX network for 12 straight days.

If you actually need to do things like show up for work or sleep, you can see select episodes of last season on Hulu and Fox; seasons one through three, and 20 through 25 on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes; seasons two, three, 20,and 22 through 25 on Vudu; seasons one through sixteen, and 20 on DVD; and seasons 13 through 16 and 20 on Blu-Ray.

In other words, the FXX binge is the only place to see them all. In October, however, Fox will launch Simpsons World, a comprehensive on-demand portal to every Simpsons episode. ...

When I go through Film Roman, staffers on the show often speculate how many seasons of new episodes we'll actually see. I always say:

"The show has been a cash cow for Fox and Gracie Films for decades. They'll go at least thirty seasons. They'd be fools not to."

So what kind of cash has the YF raked in to date?

Advertising revenue from The Simpsons primetime airings $5.35 Billion
The Simpsons Movie Ticket Sales $527 Million
The Simpsons Movie DVD Sales $96.4 Million
The Simpsons TV-DVD Sales $894.25 Million
The Simpsons Merchandise & Toy Sales $4.6 Billion
The Simpsons TV syndication revenue $1.1 Billion

Total Simpsons Franchise Revenue $12.33 Billion

The deal with FXX, per Bloomberg, kicks in another billion worth of long, paying out a million $ per episode over eight years.

The animation crew in Burbank will get a very small slice of revenue, but this is kind of a tradition. Thirty years ago, an old Disney hand told me at a Golden Awards banquet:

"The cartoon business is the one biz where employees work fifty years. Or need to."


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