Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Tax Incentive Bill

There hasn't been a number attached to the movie and television tax bill wending its way through the legislature, but now ...

... [L]awmakers in Sacramento are looking to increase California’s $100 million Film and TV Tax Credit Program by up to 300%. As the multi-sponsored Film and Television Job Creation and Retention Act heads to the important state Senate’s Appropriation committee on Monday, it will be amended to include a figure of around $400 million, sources tell me. In fact, the dollar figure for the annual incentive could go up to more than $400 million to exceeded the $420 million that New York state hands out each year to attract production to the Empire State. “The final numbers are still being added up but between $300 and $400 million looks pretty certain to be submitted in an amendment next week,” a political insider told me. ...

The challenge is getting tight-fisted Governor Brown. But he seems to have one foot on the tax-incentive train, The question is, what number will he be happy with?

And more importantly, agree to.


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