Wednesday, August 06, 2014

More Legos

Per the Reporter:

Warners' Lego franchise is heating up.

On Wednesday, the studio dated two untitled animated films for May 25, 2018, and May 24, 2019, the beginning of the lucrative Memorial Day weekend.

Insiders suggest there will be more follow-ups to this year's blockbuster The Lego Movie, which grossed $468 million worldwide earlier this year. They stress that things could always change, considering the dates are so far out.

The studio has already dated Lego 2 for May 26, 2017. It could be planning for a threequel for 2019, while a sequel to the Lego Ninjago spinoff could claim the 2018 date. (A first Ninjago film is already set for Sept. 23, 2016.) ...

Warners has had lots of luck with animated features.

Unfortunately, most of it has been shitty.

Their feature animation studio in Glendale, on multiple floors of a bank high-rise, went belly up in the 1990s. They had a reputation for being the movie conglomerate where feature animation went to die.

But that's changed now. Lego 1 was a sizable hit, and the studio is going to leverage its new franchise. The first installment cost a fraction of other CG animated features' budgets, so it's a logical move to produce more. Strike while the branding iron is hot, isn't that Hollywood's motto?


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