Sunday, August 31, 2014

Your World Box Office

... As tracked by the ever-reliable Rentrak.

International Weekend Bo Office -- (Total Accumulations)

Dawn of Apes -- $51,200,000 -- ($613,344,991)

Galaxy Guardians -- $19,7000,000 -- ($547,700,000)

Teenage Mutant Turtles -- $13,000,000 -- ($274,505,980)

How To Train Dragon 2 -- $10,500,000 -- ($593,670,227)

Entertainment Weekly wonders why How to Train Your Dragon 2 didn't do better than its soon-to-be $600+ billion.

... How to Train Your Dragon 2, written off in July for its underwhelming box-office in the U.S., is now an enormous international blockbuster, with upwards of $413 million and counting. By the time its international run is complete, Dragons 2 might double the foreign take of the franchise’s original film ($277 million). ...

But when the [domestic] weekend numbers were totaled, Dragons 2 failed to hit expectations, taking home $49.5 million. It was a surprising blow, especially since the original 2010 film had opened to nearly the same amount ($43.7 million) despite its chilly March release date and without a built-in brand. ...

“American family audiences may very well be conditioned to like their animated films to be light-hearted and easily accessible and cute (Minions, anyone?) and epic stories may play better in the international marketplace,” says Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst for Rentrak. “Needless to say it’s still a very impressive performance, at close to $600 million globally.” ...

As of today, the domestic gross of How To Train Your Dragon 2 is $173,470,000. This is 3 1/2 times its opening weekend take, which is about where the picture was always going to wind up. (Early, on, I predicted a multiple of 4 ... or a $200 million domestic accumulation. I was a little over the mark, but not by much.)

Not every picture connects with every audience with the same success. Dragon 2, despite the hand-wringing by the financial press in the first month of its release, looked destined to be a major global hit, and it is. The fact that Americans didn't buy another fifty or ninety million dollars worth of tickets during the movie's run shouldn't detract from that.


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