Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Art Babbitt And His Separation From Disney

Hollywood unions were on the march in the late 1930s. I knew something about Art Babbitt and his pivotal role in organizing Walt Disney Productions in the Spring of 1941. But I learned new information about Mr. Babbitt and the Disney Company tonight. This:

Art Babbitt had a long, prolific career as a Disney animation, UPA animator, and an artist who worked at a plethora studios through over half a century. His last employer was the Bill Melendez studios.

Gunther Lessing was a Yale-trained lawyer hired by Walt Disney in 1929. He remained with Disney until 1964, when he retired. He passed away in 1965, fourteen months before Walt.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Interesting that vid was up for a year now.

Steve Hulett said...

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Chris Sobieniak said...

That's what this place is here for!

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