Wednesday, June 03, 2015

One Badly Kept Secret

Earlier today, this:

Disney’s Tangled Will Head to Television in a New Animated Series

... The series will take place in between the events of the movie and Tangled Ever After, when Rapunzel is getting acquainted with the kingdom from which she was snatched as a baby. Mandy Moore will reprise her voiceover role as the lead, and a team of animation superstars will bring the series to life. ...

I've seen the development of Tangled ticking along at Disney TVA, and been aware of the leaks that have cropped up on the internet.

But mum was the word.

When a commenter here mentioned that a Tangled series had been announced at a Disney even in Brazil, I called Disney lawyers about it. They iterated that the show hadn't been announced and the appropriate response was silence. So silent I remained. Because at my advanced age, I don't need to tangle with The Mouse any more than I have to.

Disney, you see, gets irritated when somebody reveals a factoid regarding product out in front of the press release. But I'm told that the series will have a different look than the movie. And that a well-known veteran Disney animator has had input on the project.

I imagine we will learn more in the fullness of time.


Unknown said...

Your right. Kinda like Dinah Jane. It's all over the web that she is the voice of Moana. But of course Disney will just say nothing, let it be & will officially announce Moana's voice actress when they see fit. D23 this August perhaps? We'll see.

Steve Hulett said...

Oh, the tales I could tell. But then, corporate wrath would engulf me. And my nerves are shot already. Why make them worse?

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