Sunday, June 21, 2015

The World of Box Office

No less than two animated features have started solid rollouts.


Jurassic World -- $160,500,000 -- ($981,330,180)

Inside Out -- $41,000,000 -- ($132,056,000)

San Andreas -- $18,800,000 -- ($414,228,894)

Minions -- $12,300,000 -- ($12,300,000)

Mad Max: Fury -- $4,900,000 -- ($346,101,829) ...

And the trades tell us:

... Jurassic World added $160.5M at 18,718 dates in 66 territories. That’s a 50% drop from last frame’s record-breaking debut and is in line with expectations. ...

Inside Out opened to $41M in 37 markets. ... Covering about 42% of its offshore footprint in the initial frame, the Disney/Pixar charmer will continue to roll out over the rest of the summer with critical and audience response already at an emotional high. Principally debuting this weekend were France, Russia, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. In Latin America, IO opened to $21.8M, led by Mexico where it took an estimated $8.8M. ...

In Australia, Inside Out had tough competition from Universal/Illumination’s animated spinoff Minions which hatched at No. 2 there, leaving room for its dino cousins to hold at No. 1. Down Under, Minions lifted $4.4M in the frame and was 12% bigger than Despicable Me 2. ...

It would seem, judging from the above, that audiences aren't getting tired of animated features. In actuality, audiences are behaving the way they always do. They flock to movies they enjoy (animated or not), and avoid those they don't.


Add On: Variety notes that Inisde Out's #2 opening is still a triumph.

... “‘Inside Out’ would have been number one in any other weekend,” notes Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst at “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Being number one is overrated.”

Still, “Jurassic World” gets to proclaim in television spots and newspaper ads (are those still a thing?) that it is the “number one movie in America.” “Jurassic World’s” victory ends Pixar’s streak of consecutive number one openings, a record it had maintained with each of its previous 14 pictures. But the end of an era doesn’t mean much. ...


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