Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The Mouse will, apparently, be taking a loss.

... Sources say Tomorrowland will lose $120 million to $140 million by the time it finishes its global rollout, becoming Disney's first major financial misfire since The Lone Ranger prompted a $190 mil­lion write-down two summers ago.

It's also the third big-budget original tentpole of 2015 to bomb after Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, highlighting the risky nature of nine-figure filmmaking at a time when relatively lower-budget hits such as Spy and Pitch Perfect 2 are causing studios to look closely at the costs of creating franchises. ...

Movies that are not in the middle of the "blockbuster" mainstream, particularly movies that are quirky and original, often have a steep, box office mountain to climb. And because it cost $180 million going in, means the profit strike-zone has been considerably narrowed.


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