Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Extending a Tentpole

DWA/Netflix series unveiled at Annecy.

DWA TV’s new series spinoff “Dragons: Race to the Edge" is an action suspense drama with comedic interludes, if its first two episodes screened at Annecy are anything to go by. “Race to the Edge” episode one and two are written by F.M. de Marco, John Tellegen, Jack Thomas and exec producers Ari Brown and Douglas Sloan. Chad Hammes produces, Elaine Bogan directs. ...

“’Race to the Edge’ is a kind of prequel to ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2.’ In the Cartoon Network series, the kids are still young; here they’re young adults,” DWA's Margie Cohn explained. ... “We are assuming consumers will want to watch ‘Race to the Edge’ in a linear kind of way. So we definitely want it a little bit more serialized, with a more sophisticated story structure. We are really trying to distinguish the Netflix series from the Cartoon Network series." ...

The CN "Dragon" series rolled out in the fall of 2012 and has been in continuous production. The Netflix episodes, arriving in late June, have been in work for the past year at DWA tv's Central Avenue studio in Glendale, CA. (and, of course, at production studios overseas.)

The first Dragon TV episodes had pre-production done in the Valley by a non-DWA sub-contractor, but DreamWorks jumped in mid-season and commenced doing the work itself. It's been in charge of the show ever since.


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