Wednesday, June 24, 2015


When I was growing up, it was a joke around the house that Walt Disney Productions paid minimal dividends on its stock. When I was an adult, same thing. Three cents a share, maybe. Over time, a bit more. But now, this:

... [The Walt Disney Company has] announced that it will raise its dividend 15% to 66 cents a share, and begin paying it twice a year instead of once. ...

It's a fine way to get people to buy shares in your company, though Disney didn't need to raise dividends to do it. The stock has been on a tear for some time.

So to all those Walt Disney Company stockholders, congratulations. And to the poor souls who sold off their pieces of the corporation to soon, my condolences.


Colin Lee said...

I got DIS shares as a result of Marvel being acquired; but i sold DIS too early and didn't enjoy the DIS stock ride.

I didn't know much about the history of Marvel and the CEO Ike. I only recently learned about it (fascinating narrative of Ike) from a recent book I read:

Steve Hulett said...

Many stockholders have sold the Big Mouse too early.

George Lucas, so far as I know, is not one of them. Disney's multi-billion dollar purchase of Lucas Film was done with both cash and Disney stock. Mr. Lucas's Disney shares have gone straight up in value since the Lucas Film deal was finalized.

Fortunate man.

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