Sunday, June 07, 2015

The International Movie Ticket Race

The movies that now find favor in the Global Market Place:


San Andreas -- $97,800,000 -- ($287,066,201)

Mad Max -- $11,000,000 -- ($314,804,265)

Tomorrowland -- $13,800,000 -- ($169,735,978)

Avengers 2 -- $7,000,000 -- ($1,348,214,896)

Home -- $1,800,000 -- ($374,350,607)

From the trades:

... San Andreas rocked up $97.8M in its sophomore session, $51M of it from China. ... Stand By Me Doraemon, the Japanese anime has now grossed about $70M in China. ...

Disney’s Tomorrowland found something of a bright spot in its international action this frame as it knocked Cinderella off of her No. 1 perch in Japan. Taking $2.1M in its debut, Brad Bird’s adventure was the No. 1 release in the market. ...

Home has crossed the $200M mark overseas. The alien-out-of-water tale earned another $1.8M from 745 screens in 15 markets. ... The Universal juggernaut [Fast 7] now has a worldwide cume of $1.51B. ...

As previously noted, Home will sail within hailing distance of $400 million, and edge into profits before all the receipts are counted.


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