Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shorts on Disney XD

New animated fare from the Mouse.

... Mike and Matt Chapman, creators of the series "Homestar Runner," will present the eclectic "Two More Eggs," a series of 40 original cartoon shorts, on Disney XD's Youtube Channel.

The series launches with three animated shorts. ... Each installment of "Two More Eggs" incorporates a variety of animation techniques, ... including flash, computer-generated imagery and animation mixed with live-action. ...

The Brothers Chaps have worked with Disney TV Animation on several projects. Matt Chapman wrote for the Emmy Award-winning "Mickey Mouse" cartoon shorts and "Gravity Falls," and voiced some characters for the latter and "Star vs. The Forces of Evil." Both Matt and Mike Chapman wrote for the Annie Award-winning "Wander Over Yonder." ...

And I get why Disney is doing this product out of Atlanta: wages are lower, the Chapmans reside in town, and there's the opportunity to get a bit of Free Money from the fine state of Georgia.

What could be finer?


Brubaker said...

Any ideas on how many people are being employed in Atlanta? The impression I'm getting is that the Chapman brothers are doing all the work, which isn't out of question; they made about 300 cartoons that way for Homestar Runner.

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