Tuesday, June 16, 2015


When your movie makes north of three-quarters of a billion dollars, the sequel thingie is a disease that is catching.

Disney has begun moving toward a sequel to Maleficent, the 2014 blockbuster fairy tale that starred Angelina Jolie as the winged title character. The studio has engaged Linda Woolverton to write the sequel, and I’m told the studio is keeping Jolie in the loop and that the sequel will be written for her to reprise. ...

Disney is fully invested in the franchise business, and this is now one of those, by virtue of the boffo box office.

Understand that the Disney movie business model is now: Animation. Marvel Super Heroes. Princesses. Live-action reboots of old animation titles.

Sometimes the above categories overlap, and sometimes not. But the idea is to make movies that travel well globally, make a lot of money, and can be merchandised nine ways to Sunday. All the movie types listed above do that in spades, so Diz Co. will spend a lot of time and money making pictures that fit the prototypes, and less time and money creating movies that don't.


Celshader said...

I guess it beats making films like The Cat from Outer Space. ;-)

Unknown said...

Ahhh--but reboots of The North Avenue Irregulars and The World's Greatest Athlete are in early stages of development.

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