Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Feature From the Continent

Is there really one announcement per day for a new animated feature? Or does it only seem like it?

Jack London’s classic wolf novel “White Fang” is getting the animated treatment from Big Beach, French animation company Superprod and Luxembourg’s Bidibul Productions.

Alexandre Espirages, whose 2013 short animated film “Mr. Hublot” won an Oscar, will direct from a script by Dominique Monfrey, Philippe Lioret and Serge Frydman. ...

New York-based Big Beach is best known for Little Miss Sunshine, the live-action hit from a decade ago. It hasn't released any animated features to date, but BB can read profit and loss columns like other companies, and so now will take the plunge.

Superprod is the production studio in France. Though the company does a lot of hand-drawn animation for television, this production will be CGI.


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