Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hulett Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, we'll present a Ralph Hulett Christmas card or three...

The bad news is we're sort of out of designs that haven't made an appearanc at some time or other. The good news is a gallery presentation (at 1105 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, California) will be happening through the month of December. ...

Ralph Hulett (my father) was born in Illinois in 1915, and worked at Walt Disney Productions from 1938 to 1974. From 1948 until the early 1970s he created an annual line of Christmas, including landscapes, character cards, and still lifes.

You can find many of these art pieces at the link to the right, titled "Hulett Christmas".

A week ago, somebody asked me "Did your Dad work with Eyvind Earle? Did your Dad use Eyvind Earle's style?" (You'll noet the Eyvindesque approach with today's sample.)

The answer: Yep, my dad and Eyvind worked in the Disney background department for a number of years, and their styles rubbed off on each other. Padre was a fairly eclectic painter; he was facile with a brush and used a wide variety of approaches: oil paints, watercolor, whatever was at hand and useful. He actually painted a lot of the cards at Disney during his lunch break, using Disney paints and materials. (Nobody much cared about things like that in the fifties and sixties.)

We'll put up a few more cards during the month of December.


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