Thursday, November 19, 2015

Out of the Shadows

Another live-action director visits Cartoonland. (Usually it's the other way around).

In what will be his first fully animated feature debut, Shaun Of The Dead director [Edgar Wright] is taking on DreamWorks Animation’s shadowy pic. The Jeffrey Katzenberg-run toon studio announced today that Edgar Wright will helm and co-write a as yet-untitled feature “centered on the concept of shadows.” ...

This effort co-written by David Walliams is not a revamping on the long-on-hold Me & My Shadow feature, sources say, but something entirely original dealing with a the same basic concept. “Edgar will spearhead a new approach to this fascinating concept, and we’re ecstatic to have him onboard as director along with David as co-writer,” DreamWorks Animation’s Co-Presidents of Feature Animation Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria said Thursday. ...

The trend of having live-action helmers try their hand at animation kind of started with Gore Verbinski and Rango. Rob Minkoff started in animated features as an animator, then became a feature director on Lion King, and then moved on to a variety of live-action films. He returned to his roots with Mr. Peabody and Sherman, but has since moved on to more live-action.

There was a time when I was dubious about live-action directors slumming in the sun-kissed uplands of animation, but as live-action becomes more like cartoons, and vice-versa, I don't think the gaps between the two types of movies is nearly as wide. So good luck to Mr. Wright. So best of luck to him.


Unknown said...

Is it fair to assume that this confirms the death of Me & My Shadow as a project?

Steve Hulett said...

Methinks it will be a cousin of Me and My Shadow, but a different feature with a different take.

But somebody with more insider knowledge will have to speak up, because I'm mostly in the dark (get it?) on this.

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