Sunday, November 01, 2015

Good Dinosaur Director

A trade paper details a publicity tour by new Pixar director Peter Sohn:

... On the first leg of a jet-setting promo tour, Peter Sohn, director of “The Good Dinosaur,” ... spoke from the heart about inspiration for his career and film – his mother, for instance – which he called “a coming of age” and “survival tale” which, when asked to sum up in one phrase, is about “overcoming one’s fears.” ...

There’s a larger emotional dimension to “The Good Dinosaur,” indeed dinosaurs in general, Sohn argued in Argentina. “There was something kind of fun about the scale of dinosaurs, about a farming dinosaur that was very sincere. But there’s also an emotional connection. When you’re called a dinosaur, you’re old and stuck.” ...

I can see why this picture took a wee bit of time to achieve release mode. When you couple realistic environments with cartoony protaganists, you've got yourself a balancing act.

There is fine-turnig involved, and you want to get the tuning as right as possible.


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