Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lion King Record

The hit feature birthed a hit stage production, which in turn has now hit a new milestone.

Disney’s blockbuster The Lion King passed Cats last week to become the third-longest-running show in Broadway history. But Disney’s claim that a new ad for the show represented a first in 360-degree promotion had Cats master Andrew Lloyd Webber well, baring his claws.

On Wednesday morning, Disney is planning to unveil a virtual reality clip of The Lion King‘s famous “Circle Of Life” opening number, noting that it’s the first time the technology has been used inside a Broadway theater. “The 360-degree footage has been compiled to create the first-ever virtual reality experience of a theatrical production number captured exactly as it is seen onstage,” according to Disney.

Have you no memory, asks Lord Lloyd Webber. Just last month his new show, School Of Rock, released its own 360-degree promo, the song “You’re In The Band” from the musical. OK, so it wasn’t shot in the theater, it was shot in a genuine New York City classroom. ...

THe point here isn't which Broadway hit was Numero Uno with the cool new technology (like who really cares), but that Disney animated features have a dandy track record when they morph into stage musicals. Not every one is a monster hit, but most seem to be nicely profitable.

And if they're still-born as Broadway shows, they can get re-tooled as a "Disney on Ice" presentation, no?


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