Monday, November 09, 2015

Robin Stifles

The media says that the late Robin Williams has put the kibosh on newer Aladdin projects.

If not for the will of the late Robin Williams, there might well have been an Aladdin sequel voiced by the legendary comedian. Williams recorded enough unused material during the making of the original film in 1991 for another one, claims an unnamed former Disney executive in a new interview with The Times of London (via New York Post).

The source claims the outtakes were planned to be used in a fourth film in the Aladdin franchise, but the project had to be shelved when Disney found points in Robins’ will that prevents the major production studio from using his name, or any taped performances or recordings for a full 25 years after his death.

While the performance outtakes weren’t used for the original feature film, the unnamed Disney executive said that they were top-notch. ...

An Aladdin reboot isn't particularly unusual, given the Mouse's recent history of animated feature conversions to live-action movies. Per the trades, Diz Co. was planning a blue genie origin story:

... Disney is reportedly developing a live-action Aladdin prequel, focusing on the world of genies.

Oh, and it gets better/worse—depending on your point of view. This film would tell the story of how the genie from Aladdin became a genie and got trapped in the lamp, potentially leading to a live-action remake of Aladdin itself. If everything goes to plan. ...

But Disney is a big, deep-pocketed organization. No doubt they can wait out Mr. WIlliams's quarter-century prohibition and use all the outtakes on the 100th anniversary of the Korda version of the Thief of Baghdad.


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