Tuesday, November 10, 2015

TV Hybrids!

Animation-live-action features have long been the rage at your local AMC. Now they're migrating to your local TeeVee.

... Hybrid live-action/animated comedies have emerged as a hot commodity for next season. Fox is throwing its hat into the ring in a big way with a series order to Son Of Zorn, from Last Man On Earth executive producers Phil Lord & Chris Miller and former Wilfred showrunners Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne. The live-action/animated project, toplined by Jason Sudeikis as the voice of Zorn, is set to debut during the 2016-17 season. ...

Son Of Zorn will likely be joined next season by ABC’s Imaginary Friend, a comedy blending live-action and CGI animation from Oscar-winning Disney feature animator Patrick Osborne and The Goldbergs team of Adam F. Goldberg, Happy Madison and Sony Pictures TV. ABC nabbed the project in a very competitive situation with a pilot production order. ...

These half-animated projects are the new hot commodities in television development land. As the Deadline article points out, some animated concepts are boffo in the executive suites and some are not exciting many corporate Vee Pees. Bordertown, a new offering from Seth MacFarlane's shop, has thirtyeen half-hours sitting on the shelf, waiting for a pickup.

Fox Broadcasting doesn't say "yes" to BT, Fox doesn't say "no." Fox just sits on its hands. At least with the thirteen episodes of Murder Police, Fox was decisive. It kicked that series out the door, and the thirteen lonely half-hours continue to sit out in the snow, crying for someone, anyonea, to rescue them.


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