Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paramount/Viacom's Cartoon Schedule

Story work proceeds on Paramount's Hollywood lot for several animated features, among them:

Monster Trucks, the live-action/CG hybrid that is hauling a $125M price tag, will now premiere on January 13, 2017. Its’s the third release date for the pic which began production in May 2013 as the studio is making sure its marketing ducks are in a row. It originally had a summer 2015 release date, was moved to Christmas 2015, then March 2016.

Other dates: The Little Prince, March 18. 2016; the just announced Sherlock Gnomes, January 12, 2018; SpongeBob SquarePants 3, February 8, 2019; and Amusement Park, March 22, 2019. ...

There have been those who have wondered how committed Viacom is to producing animation. The company has had big success with its Nick unit, and SpongeBob has been a continuing success on the large screen, but what about a fuller slate of films?

This announcement indicates Paramount is serious about staying the course.


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