Friday, November 06, 2015

Mojo's Predictions

The Mojo's predictions have Mr. Shaken-Not-Stirred on top, but Snoopy & Co. second.

>Weekend Prognostications

Spectre (3,929 theaters) - $82,509,000

The Peanuts Movie (3,897 theaters) - $52,024,950

The Martian (2,855 theaters) - $6,794,900

Goosebumps (2,051 theaters) - $5,921,237

Bridge of Spies (2,767 theaters) - $5,705,554

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2,274 theaters) - $3,224,532

The Last Witch Hunter (2,286 theaters) - $2,683,764

Burnt (3,003 theaters) - $2,600,598

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (1,530 theaters) - $1,718,190

Our Brand is Crisis (2,202 theaters) - $1,554,612 ...

The Peanuts movie cost way less to make than Spectre, so if these numbers hold up (whether they do is anyone's guess), yet another animated feature is off to the races and performing well. As BOM says:

... How well will The Peanuts Movie do opposite Spectre? Continuing the Wreck-It Ralph comparison, that film did $49 million in its opening weekend, banking hard on not only the Disney brand, but some classic video game characters as well. When it comes to Peanuts, Fox has decades of brand awareness on top of the fact November seems a prime month to open a new animated film.

Over the past several years, animated features have enjoyed big November openings. These films include Megamind ($46m), Happy Feet ($41m), Chicken Little ($40m) and even the live-action/animated hybrid Scooby-Doo ($54.1m), and that's before you get into the even bigger titles. Big Hero 6 did $56.2 million just last year, before that Frozen opened with $67.3 million, The Incredibles scored $70.4 million and Monster, Inc. brought in $62.5 million. ...


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