Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pixar Top Kick

Pixar President Jim Morris speaks of The Good Dinosaur and other things.

... Pixar have had 15 films, each one of them a major hit, generating $9.3 billion at the box-offices – so, stepping up to the plate can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Jim Morris: Yeah, each new director and producer fears that they’re going to be the one that screws the run up, but, you know, we wanted to increase the output, primarily because we have so many people in Pixar. Trying to get one and a half movies out every year is a tough call, and we’ll always put the quality first, quantity second. So, we’re learning, and we’re cautiously progressing, when it comes to producing more films. ...

Pixar has made good movies and less good movies. This is not a lot different than other animation studios.

The wide moat that divides Pixar from its competition is that it's never turned out a money loser. No other studio can claim that.


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