Friday, November 13, 2015


We received word that Warners Animation Group (otherwise known as WAG) and located on Warner's Burbank lot in a multi-story building, is purchasing newer computer equipment and looking to expand. As of now, they have multiple projects in development, also this ....

...In a roundtable discussion with Polygon, Advenutre Time executive producer Adam Muto downplayed the ‘official’ nature of the film but was quick to point out that the film is still “in the works.” He also told Polygon that the film would essentially happen once creator Pendleton Ward finds the right story to tell: “[Series creator Pendleton Ward] is working on the premise of it.” ...

Adventure Time began life as a Fred Seibert/Nickelodeon project -- one of the myriad shorts developed at Nick in the great line ago.

At the time of it initial production, AT was not picked up for a series order. The short ultimately went into turnaround, and then picked up by Cartoon Network.

Where it turned into a major TV hit. Last March, development for a large screen version commenced; shortly thereafter the feature version dropped off our radar. But we're happy to see the project was simply hibernating, not dying a quick death.

It may yet see the inside of an AMC movie theater near YOU.


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