Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2016 Wage Survey Preview

TAG has completed compilation of 2016 wage data and is in the process of formatting and laying out the info.

Until the full survey is complete, some selected numbers:



Feature Writers 2016 Median: $3100 (weekly)
Feature Writers 2015 Median: $3,157.89 (weekly)

TV Writers 2016 Median: $2,267.24 (weekly)
TV Writers 2015 Median: $2,200.00 (weekly)


Feature 2016 Median: $3,752.10 (weekly)
Feature 2015 Median: $2,743.87 (weekly)

TV 2016 Median: $2,493.87 (weekly)
TV 2015 Median: $2,414.06 (weekly)

Story Art:

Storyboard Artist 2016 Median: $2,378.50 (weekly)
Storyboard Artist 2015 Median: $2,227.27 (weekly)

Production Board 2016 Median: $2,038.11 (weekly)
Production Board 2015 Median: $2,000.00 (weekly)


3D Animator 2016 Median: $2088.96 (weekly)
3D Animator 2016 Median: $2021.05 (weekly)

Over the past few years, pay rates have been relatively stable. With the surge in employment, there's some upward push on overscale wages, but that's countered by:

1) The continuing flow of new artists and technicians from universities and art schools to entry level animation positions with lower salaries. This tends to slow upward trajectories of other rates.

2) The desire of animation studios to keep wages as close to minimum contract rates as possible.

3) Lower-compensated non-union work.

Though there's been a record level of employment, 1990s-style bidding wars for artistic talent have not reemerged.


Jason MacLeod said...

Thanks Steve for putting together and providing this information. For those not convinced that sharing information is a good idea, let me provide two links:

Studios already collaborate to understand the market. It is imperative for workers to do the same. The link is to an image of the Croner salary survey for Animation and Visual Effects, ca. 2014. Did your workplace share this with you when you went in for your last salary review?

Sometimes studios collaborate in illegal ways to depress wages. Yes, this really happens. Yes, it's illegal and I hope there are consequences. Sharing information is one tool we have as artists to help even things out. Thanks again Steve, and a shout out to Tom Sito for getting the ball rolling on the wage survey.

If you didn't participate in the wage survey, why not?

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