Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hail and Farewell

A long-running series is wrapping things up:

“Adventure Time” will end its journey in 2018, Cartoon Network announced Thursday morning. ...

Since its debut, “Adventure Time” has become a cult and critical favorite for its color animation, creative storytelling and quirky sense of humor. Among its many accolades are the show’s six Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.

The announcement follows one earlier this month that one of Cartoon Network’s other most recognizable properties, “The Regular Show” will end after its eighth season. ...

Cartoon Network will have 142 half-hours in the tote bag when Adventure Time ends its run, and the network undoubtedly thinks there are now more than enough episodes to syndicate and re-run into infinity.

For those keeping track, AT began life as a Nick project in collaboration with Fred Seibert's shop. But Nickelodeon decided the pilot wasn't there cup of entertainment, and let the produced short go into turn-around and Cartoon Network snapped it up ... much to Nick's subsequent sorrow.

So here we are, eight years further on, as the series ends its long and triumphant run.


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