Sunday, September 18, 2016

Your Foreign Box Office

The usual mix of genre titles, animated titles, and big studio movies with lots of animated effects.


Bridget Jones's Baby -- $29,900,000 -- ($38,100,000)

The Age Of Shadows -- $21,500,000 -- )$45,000,000)

Chinese Odyssey Part Three -- $17,300,000 -- ($35,800,000)

The Secret Life of Pets -- $9,600,000 -- ($900,000,000)

Finding Dory -- $8,300,000 -- ($961,100,000)

Sully -- $7,000,000 -- ($93,900,000)

Suicide Squad -- $5,800,000 -- ($718,900,000)

Pete's Dragon -- $5,200,000 -- ($113,000,000)

Blair Witch -- $4,900,000 -- ($14,600,000)

Star Trek Beyond -- $4,800,000 -- ($333,153,686)

Ice Age: Collision Course -- $2,300,000 -- ($402,629,990)

Sausage Party -- $2,100,000 -- ($119,559,861
) ...

Kindly note that Ice Age: Collision Course, after making only a few small ripples in the United States, has cleaned up overseas. 85.2% of its take comes from abroad. This pretty well explains why Fox-Blue sky does one Ice Age picture after another.

And as a fine entertainment journal tells us:

... The fish that just won’t quit [Finding Dory] swam to another $8.3M in her 13th weekend of overseas play. ...

Grossing $5.8M this weekend, Warner Bros’ DC superhero adaption Suicide Squad climbed past the $400M mark with a $405.1M overseas cume. The biggest play of the frame was Japan with a sophomore hold of $2.3M on 682 screens. The total there is now $9.4M. All markets are open with play currently in 62. The worldwide cume is now $718.9M. ...

Disney’s Dragon had a solid $5.2M 6th weekend, hitting No. 2 in Mexico with a $2.1M start behind local pic No Manches Frida. Elsewhere in Latin America, the live-action/CGI mix bowed to No. 1 in Ecuador, Bolivia and Central America; and held the top spot in Chile for Week 2. Pete picked up $700K in Australia, just ahead of school vacations. The international cume is now $40.2M for a global total of $113M ...

Putting $2.1M in the grocery basket, Sony and Seth Rogen’s [Sausage Party] has rung up $24.2M so far overseas. The weekend was in 27 markets with Portugal the highlight at $125K from 50 screens. The UK is the top offshore play with $8.6M after three frames. ...


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