Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The Animation Guild held its September Membership Meeting with a packed meeting hall.

The agenda might have had something to do with it. There was a proposal to raise the Guild's annual dues. There were officer and board member nominations. The results ...

On the question: Shall the Animation Guild raise annual dues $100? (To be phased in over the next four years). -- the vote was a unanimous yes.

The nominations for Animation Guild officer and executive board positions were as follows:

Officers running unopposed; elected by white ballot:

President -- Laura Hohman

Vice President -- K.C. Johnson (incumbent)

Recording secretary -- Paula Spence

Contested Elections

Business Representative -- Tom Tataranowicz, Jason MacLeod, Larry Smith

Sergeant-At-Arms -- Robert St. Pierre, Ray Leong

Executive Board (11 board members) -- Jeanette Moreno King, Zack Atkinson, Lauren Hecht, Mike Morris, Phil Weinstein, Brandon Jarratt, Myoung Smith, David Chlystek, Spencer Knapp, Candice Stephenson, Dominic Polcino, Bronnie Barry, Cathy Jones, Kevin Moore, Andrew Jennings, Jason Mayer, Steve Kaplan, Lisa Anderson, Dave Thomas, Llyn Hunter, David Woo, J.J. Conway, Mark Banker, Bill Flores, David Shair.

Ballots for the new slate of Guild officers will be mailed to the membership on October 11th, and ballots counted on November 12th. The new officers will be installed at the Guild's Executive Board meeting on December 6th.


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